Fantastic Interactive Work: Big & Small Site

I caught this incredible site the other day on the Papervision3D blog and have to say it is one of the most ambitious implementations of Papervision I have ever seen.
Created by Plug-In Media out of the UK, the Big & Small site blends extensively 2D and real-time 3D animation with, among other programmatic sophistication, a customized Actionscript 3.0 physics system for rendering particle effects and other motion-graphic elements.

Developer’s site: “It was a massive project, and phase one alone was over 200 days of coding, not to mention the artwork, 3D modelling, sound design and music.”

My 3 year-old son was absolutely mesmerized when I showed him this site. Fantastically interactive work!

Making of Big and Small Rough cut from Plug-in Media on Vimeo.