Insomnia Meet Untitled Blog Post

It’s 12:06 am and I just awoke from an early night’s sleep.
Tonight I wanted to get an early night and decided to turn in at the uncharacteristic hour of 10:30 pm—usually I’m not in bed until well past midnight. But I am now fully awake so what the heck, why not blog random thoughts while my mind is active.

Today I was so busy (this seems to be my default blog post intro lately -sorry!) it was one of those days I did not have the time or energy to read anything interesting let alone Tweet or chit-chat much with any of my colleagues. We all know that feeling—those days where the work comes first before absolutely everything else. Perhaps this is one of my peculiar personality traits: at times, immense focus on what I’m doing, blocking out everything else. Enough of this introspective reflection, let’s explore some tangent ideas:

In a perfect world I would…
Devise a solution to prevent the raccoons living in my neighbourhood from getting hit by cars.
Write a witty, though-provoking blog post every day just like Seth Godin.
Share several beautifully inspiring examples of digital art, music or words on my Tumblr blog like Designlicious.
Photograph everything interesting around me and share it on Flickr every day like Michael Surtees.
Not need to hear the word awesome to the degree with which it has infiltrated the English language.
Tweet with the vigor and wit of Tim Nolan.
Promptly return my brother’s and dad’s calls.
Spend more time with my 4-year old son.
Not waste time in front of the television.
Create an original piece of art on a regular basis.
Help out more around the house and spend more time helping my wife with our ongoing renovations.
Plan and organize incredible getaway vacations as opposed to average stay-at-home vacations.
Have more time to leave thoughtful comments on other people’s blogs.
Strictly adhere to my exercise and nutrition plan each week.
Read at least 1 good book each week.
Get a proper night’s sleep.

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