Startups Need Design Talent

Reading Chris Dixon’s blog this morning and his latest post caught my eye, talking about some of the things (NYC) startups need and do not need.

Second point on Chris Dixon’s list for startup “needs”:

2) More web product design talent. This is the scarcest talent of all (more so than engineering). NYC has perhaps the best design community in the world, but most of the designers are trained in non-web design fields (e.g. print design).  Most of the good design schools don’t emphasize web product design (some exceptions – e.g. my friend Zach Klein taught an excellent class at the School of Visual Arts last semester on web product design). NYU’s ITP stands out as a program that focuses on the intersection of design and technology (e.g. the Foursquare team went to school there). CMU’s HCI program and MIT’sMedia Lab are also great. Other schools need similar programs.

As someone working in this area (in Toronto) I find it amazing there would be a lack of digital design talent available in New York city, arguably one of the biggest hubs globally for such talent.

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