Gadgets Come And Go

I confess, I am no longer enamoured by the gadget hype machine. I don’t know if I ever really was a big ‘gadget-type’ of a person. You know, the early adopter; the person who’ll gladly reschedule appointments to watch the latest keynote or wait in line for hours (or days) just to be the first person on the block sporting the latest gizmo. Though I am a hypocrite of sorts because gadgets of every shape and size surround me as I write this post. I am inextricably connected, just like everyone else.

But let’s be perfectly clear: you will never find me lining up or expending excess calories (unless I’m in the gym) in frantic anticipation of the latest product release.

A funny thing happens when you reach a certain age or point in your adult life. Owning the shiny new object becomes less and less, then not-so-important at all. Maybe it’s the realization that nothing really lasts. In a couple years (or less) there will be a newer, sleeker gadget on the horizon to make your current silicon-based gem look and feel like a dull paperweight. Oh by the way, have you heard? $45 Android tablets are coming soon to a store near you. Thank you China.

Who else has become weary of the incessant Apple media spotlight of late? Everything Apple does seems to be put under this gigantic microscope. There are entire discussion threads devoted to people analyzing Apple’s new 8-pin “Lightning” connector which replaces the legacy 30-pin connector used in previous iPhone generations. When did we become so fixated on these seemingly insignificant things. People are getting legitimately worked-up debating this stuff at length. Really? You’re gonna need an adapter or two. Quit griping and get over it or go buy an Android device with a standard USB plug. Apple like being different —remember?

Products come and go. Gadgets and gizmos are just raw tools to empower people to do things. You don’t need gadgets to be creative. Some of the most creative people on the planet use the shittiest old gear. In less than a couple years there will be an iPhone 6, then a 7. Yawn. It’s just a phone. You know what’s really interesting? People and ideas —way more interesting.

So the iPhone 5 is a little thinner, lighter, and faster, and its also got a bigger screen. Big deal. What profoundly creative thing are you doing with it?