Working late - Vida Dimovska

Three years ago I wrote about how I thought staying up late was a great way to channel inspiration and get things done—not necessarily from a quantity perspective, but rather quality. I still feel this way, though nothing against early risers.

I’ve always been more of a night owl and less of a morning person I suppose, so working well into the late evening hours has always been more or less of a routine.
Evenings tend to be quiet with fewer email, Skype, phone or text message interruptions causing a break in concentration.

Today I’m reading an interesting article that says apparently 50% of a person’s morningness or eveningness is dictated by genetic factors, based on new academic research. So whether you like it or not, your mind and body are probably hard-wired for one or the other.
Knowing this (whether you’re going to be more productive in the morning or in the evening) can help you to find your natural rhythm and invite more creativity into your workflow.

On that note, don’t put off today what you might be less inclined to get done tomorrow.

image: Vida Dimovska