Thinkquinauts And B.S. USB Sticks

From the moment Chester V walked onto the screen (that’s him sporting the funky orange lab vest above) in Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2, I was in stitches. Oh, that character reminds me of Steve Jobs! Haha! A rather a clever pseudo composite of the former leader of Apple Computer, complete with Steve’s signature blue jeans and black mock-turtleneck with the sleeves partially rolled up. But hey, what’s up with the orange vest you might be asking. Watch this clip and you’ll see why.

Chester V is the CEO of the fictitious company Live Corp, a sort of innovation oriented think tank employing the very best and brightest scientists of the world. Teams of inventive minded ‘thinkquinauts’ as they’re called help humanity deal with the usual crop of problems so common in sci-fi/fantasy/comedy genre flicks like CWACOMeatballs 2 (and most notably Disney’s Wall-E): environmental pollution, famine, economic strife, and of course food-animals —that’s foodimals— running amuck.

“Greeting friends, namaste”, Chester V says as he exits his futuristic helicopter, which looks like a cross between an iMac G4 (circa 2003) and a U.S. military drone. The hexagonally-shaped doors are a nice touch too.
Our charismatic CEO routinely appears throughout the story in the form of a hologram —funny the holographic data stream even buffers as orange hexagonally-shaped clusters— as he prepares to meet his loyal followers in what appears to be a caricature of Silicon Valley.

“Can your ideas change the world?” so goes Chester V’s corporate mantra, repeated throughout the movie in an almost subliminal fashion alongside regular plugs for Live Corp’s feature product, the spectacular nutrient packed Food Bar 8.0  —or was that an edible iPod? I don’t know.

Now, what about that mysterious B.S. USB stick? Live Corp’s proprietary connector designed only to be compatible with the latest generation thinkquinaut approved app devices? Yes, most likely.

Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 is great fun and a visual treat that will keep you laughing with relentless gags involving a bewildering parade of jungle-animals-as-food mashups.