I’m terrible at blogging

Today I came to the realization that I’m pretty crappy at blogging on a regular basis — at least the last few years. Well, you know, the old excuse life gets in the way comes to mind.
I used to make time every week or so to write. It might be career related musings, experiences on my bike, creative ideas circling around in my head.

Now, during the lockdown, it seems there shouldn’t be any obstacles in the way to writing each week. Working remotely means the daily commute to the office has been completely eliminated (for the time being). So let’s say there’s about 90 minutes give or take that have been freed-up whereas pre-lockdown I’d be fighting traffic twice a day.

Blogging is a great way to vent. I miss seeing friends and colleagues. I’m tired of wearing a mask everywhere; tired of using hand-sanitizer. I miss watching live sports, going to a bar for a drink; seeing live music, going out to the cinema. I’m tired of being stuck at home, every day having to hear my neighbours 2 houses down renovating what seems like every last square-inch of their property. Eventually the banging, sawing, drilling noises will cease and they’ll run out of a) ideas of things to fix, or b) money to finance further ideas of things to enhance structurally or aesthetically. Why not just enjoy your house the way it is? But who am I to complain. These things are quite trivial.