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The Social Skies Have Arrived

KLM Meet & Seat

Expect more airlines to follow KLM’s lead with ‘Meet and Seat‘ over the next few years. The new program allows you to share your Facebook or LinkedIn profile through KLM’s booking management system. Passengers who opt-in can view the profile details of other passengers and determine where they might want to sit on the plane.

Never mind watching in-flight movies or pre-recorded television episodes —content you’ve likely already seen at home. Wouldn’t you rather chat with someone you’ve recently met in the digital space? Perhaps someone with whom you’re casually acquainted but may never have the opportunity to meet face-to-face.

Does sitting next to a social media maven or someone sharing your interests mean you’re more or less likely to engage in conversation than if you were sitting next to some random person?

As a freelance art director I might want to sit next to a potential client based on their Linkedin profile or a digital strategist I follow on Twitter (though not included in KLM’s M&S) who’s resourcing creative for an upcoming campaign. Things could get really interesting if you decide to sit next to someone outside your professional field or immediate area of focus.

While aligning seating plans to social media profiles doesn’t automatically mean conversations are poised to blossom among passengers, it’s a great way to improve the flying experience.

If you’re concerned about sharing too much information about yourself, KLM says, “You can always choose to show less or more profile details, or remove your profile details from the seat map entirely”. Although, as more flights begin offering free wi-fi, once enroute you could easily Google the names of your fellow passengers.